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Omaha Hi

Omaha is an action variation of Texas Hold'em poker. Like Hold'em, Omaha Poker requires 2 to 10 players to create the best five-card combination from a total of nine cards. Two downcards out of the hand must be used along with three on the board to make your best five-card hand. Because there are six two-card combinations in each individual player's hand rather than two, there are many more drawing opportunities per player than in Hold'em creating a fast-paced, exciting poker game.

There are two variations of the game, Omaha High only and Omaha Hi-Lo. It can be played with the betting being a structured Limit game or No Limit and Pot Limit games.

Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha (8 or Better) or Omaha Hi-Lo is dealt in the same manner as Omaha, but the "best" (highest) and "worst" (lowest) hands split the pot. If there is no qualifying low hand the winner with the highest hand will win.

To win low, your hand must be an 8 low or lower. Aces count for low in low hands and either high or low in high hands. An A-2-3-4-5 is the best hand for low and and also makes a straight. This hand is called a "wheel". Since different two-card combination can be used from your hand for high and for low and the same player may win both high and low in the same hand. This game provides even more drawing opportunities per player than the high version of Omaha. These games can get very fast and furious.

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